Established in 2022, Fiber Art company specializes in the development and trading of handmade crafts made from materials such as straw, bamboo, rattan, and water hyacinth. We utilize traditional weaving techniques combined with creativity and professional craftsmanship to create diverse and unique products.

Fiber Art takes pride in being a part of the development of traditional handicraft villages in Vietnam. Our goal is to bring high-quality products and artistic value from Vietnam to customers both domestically and internationally.

In addition to producing handicrafts from woven materials, Fiber Art also cares about social and local labor issues. We commit to support the community by providing training and job opportunities for local artisans. We believe that by supporting the community, we can contribute to the economic and cultural development, enhance the position of Vietnam in the international market, and preserve and develop Vietnam’s traditional handicraft industries.


Our products at Fiber Art are sourced 100% from natural materials such as straw, bamboo, and rattan. Some of our featured products include wall hanging straw plates, woven baskets, and bamboo trays,… We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet export standards and cater to the most discerning markets.

Place mats, wall hanging plates
Multi-purpose woven basket


In addition to being used as household products, our products also help you

Quickly transform your living spaces

Transform empty walls into eye-catching focal points with this collection of beautifully woven bamboo baskets. Arrange them in a random and natural way, with unique handmade details. They create a cozy atmosphere for any room in your house or apartment. As a result, you can decorate a room without spending too much on expensive paintings and artworks.

Decorate walls with woven bamboo baskets.

Forget mass-produced wall paintings made from cheap artificial materials, replace them with our premium quality woven bamboo baskets.

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