Thuan Diep, a brand of young founders, will provide you with health and beauty care methods with pure natural products. We are highly proud of our nation’s long-lasting 3,000-year history. Inherited from the long-standing beauty methods handed down from folklore combined with modern technology, we have created high-end products which are safe, effective and suitable for a wide range of customers.

With the motto “Healthy from the root”, Thuan Diep’s products use ingredients mainly derived from plants “healthy as leaves, pure as trees” cultivated by Vietnamese farmers, helping customers to find long-lasting beauty from the inside


“Healthy from the root”, Thuan Diep’s products use ingredients mainly derived from organic plants, “healthy as leaves, pure as trees”, which are safe and suitable for different kinds of customers.


Thuan Diep is currently mainly focusing on hair care products: shampoo, conditioner and hair spray.

Thuan Diep’s hair care products do not contain any ingredients harmful to hair and scalp such as Silicone, Parabens, SLS, SLES, which creates a fake smooth feeling or contain such detergents that make the scalp lose its natural oils.

Instead, the hair will be gently cleaned and nourished by the essential oils of grapefruit peel, locust, ginger, etc. or benign active ingredients and vitamins, bringing smooth and strong hair from root to tip.

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Thuan Diep’s Skin Care products are diverse in beauty care methods such as: Cleansing (makeup remover oil, cleanser, exfoliator) and Skin Care (mask, toner, serum, cream). In addition, Thuan Diep also has Lip Care products.

The products are suitable for almost all skin types, and can improve lots of skin conditions such as: oily skin, dry skin, acne skin, uneven skin tone, skin with imperfections: dark spots, pigmentation, freckles,… Benign natural ingredients are also carefully selected: Hung Yen sticky rice, coffee, licorice, organic rose, avocado, herbs… to bring users the greatest product experience

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Thuan Diep’s Bath & Body Care includes: Bath (biomedical soap, herbal shower gel), Body care, and specialized skin care products (such as Underarm deodorant spray, Vaginal hygiene solution, essential oils for skin care and stretch mark reduction).

Our products are suitable for the whole family

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